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The Syrian Civil War (For the Average Person)

What is Syria? (In a Nutshell)


Syria was established in 1920 after the fall of the Ottoman Empire in “the war to end all wars” (World War I)

The British and French empires carved up this fertile section of land in southwest Asia in a secret plan known as the Sykes-Picot agreement.

The French, with permission from the League of Nations, seized control under what was called the “French Mandate”. However the French never bothered to smooth relations between local factions. It wasn’t long before the locals fought the French leading to Syria’s independence.

Syria is now a recognized state and member of the United Nations.

Right now it is ruled by the Assad Familyassad-family

What Started the Conflict?

“The Arab Spring” in 2011 is cited as the beginning of this brutal  civil war. Several of Syria’s neighbors experienced mass demonstrations and political upheaval. You may have heared about Egypt, Tunisia, and Lybia where dictators held power for decades. These leaders were cast out and replaced with new leaders in an attempt to bring democracy to North Africa and southwest Asia (Middle East). In Syria however Bashar Al-Assad cracked down hard on protesters. Eventually several of his military Leaders formed a resistance force. Fighting has been ongoing ever since and a new terror group ISIS took advantage of the power Vacuum. Below is a map of the conflict


Who is Fighting?

As the map above shows there are multiple factions and goals and unfortunately due to the amount of media interference it is hard to keep track of all of the changing alliances. In this case I will try to organize them into Groups.

  • The Assad Regime (In Red)
    • The Syrian Army (Loyal to the Assad Regime)
    • The Russian Military
    • Iran
  • Syrian Opposition (Green)
    • The Free Syrian Army
      • Backed by USA, Turkey, France
    • Muslim Brotherhood
    • Hamas
  • Syrian Democratic Council (Yellow)
    • Peoples Protection Unit (YPG)
      • Backed by the USA, France, Germany, UK
  • ISIS (Black)
    • A conglomerate of different terrorist groups that existed in Iraq and Syria as part of Al-Queda.

What is Aleppo?

It is a city located in North Western Syria where people have lived since before written history. before-after-war-photos-aleppo-syria-fb1__700

The battle of Aleppo raged from 2011-2016. At this time it is under the control of the Syrian Regime.

What is America’s agenda in Syria?

  • During the Arab Spring the United States saw an opportunity to influence diplomatic policy in the Middle east for generations.
  • If the USA supports new democratic governments in these countries then they would have new allies to bolster their strategic strength.
  • This gives them an upper hand against Russia and the growing regional power of Iran.

What does Russia Gain from Helping Assad?

  • Syria is one of Russia’s friends in the Middle East
  • If Russia intercedes and defeats the terrorists then they will be hailed as saviors instead of the United States
  • Russia can use this as a stepping stone to increase Russian influence in areas that were previously

How does Donald Trump come into Play?


Donald Trump may have promised to defeat ISIS during the Campaign but it is unclear how he will handle international conflicts especially when he has pledged to rebuild the relationship between the United States and Russia.


I could go into religion but trust me that can be saved for another post.



Comment if you have any questions or concerns.





Recognizing your mistakes.. and Correcting them

Mistakes, Failures, defeats, and disappointments are all an important part of life. The more we try to prevent them from happening tends to cause us as human beings great distress.

So how are you supposed to react to a big failure?

Are we supposed to celebrate our Failures?

There is not a fix-all answer to these questions.

When we fail we often times feel sadness


and Anger

Those are all natural reactions, but as human beings we must learn to control and prepare for these reactions in the best way possible.   Ask yourself these questions

1. Did you lose everything you hold dear and love?

If so you have taken unnecessary risks

2. Did you end up harming someone close to you physically?

3.  did you break someone’s trust?

If the answer is no to all three of these then your failure can help you out more than you think.

Lebron lost the finals last year…

Then learned from his mistakes


Challenge Completed


Take responsibility for your mistakes.  All the effort you put into hiding your mistakes from others can be used to correct your mistake and learn from it.


~The Man behind the Keyboard


Yourself and The Others

You wake up in the morning and do one of these things

1. Go back to sleep

2. Use the bathroom

3. Rush to get dressed because you overslept

4. Take a Shower

5. Get in front of the mirror to get ready for the day

And random other things that I can’t think of right now.

So what does this have to do with the title of this post?


Lets start with this question…  “Why do you do one of those things that are listed?”

1. Go Back to sleep?

You dont have any reason to get up that early. No one needs you at the moment to be up so you do what you want to do.

2. Use the bathroom?

You have to use the bathroom.. I mean you don’t want to pee on yourself.


3. Rush to get dressed because you overslept

Others Wanted you to be somewhere….

4. Take a Shower?

You AND Others want you to smell good and be clean lol

5. Get in front of the mirror?

YOU want to look good… for others… Regardless of what you say.

So heres the significance

You do a lot of things for yourself and they are important….

But the things that you do TO yourself for others can become a problem

What if no matter where you went everyone laughed at what you were wearing…. Not only laughed but Straight called you out on how they dislike EVERY single piece of clothing you had on…

Oh yeah that’s right you spent some time in front of the mirror for others and they didnt approve… ouch

What if you overslept and you missed an important exam or meeting…

that is your fault and the Others will criticize you for such irresponsible behavior

Make a Distinction between what you do for yourself and what you do for others….

Then decide

Do I need to do these things for others?

If the answer is NO

then find an alternative

~The Man Behind The Keyboard

The power of the voice

Lets see here. What is so important about our voices?

1. Its a quick and easy way to communicate

2. you can entertain people with it

3. You can LEAD people if trained

4. You can inspire people

5. and make people fear or respect or like you

The voice is POWERFUL yet dangerous in the wrong hands.

but don’t let that deter you from expanding on your speaking talents

I mean in almost every creation story the main deity technically “Spoke” everything into existence….

Now I am NOT saying that you should go and try and speak something into existence

“Aww man what could i ever do with my beautiful voice?”

Use it my strange looking buddy…

If you dont then you will experience something even worse

The regret of knowing that you could have stopped something or Started something just by Speaking up and out!

but it’s okay right?

I mean The Slaves in America never spoke out about slavery being wrong right? Isnt thats why it was abolished?   NO!

Frederick Douglass thinks you are stupid for thinking that slavery was abolished without any arguments against it.

Anyway the point is that the voice should never be ignored

Lift every voice and sing

~The Man Behind The keyboard

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